Friday, December 31, 2010

Wow! 2010 is over and 2011 is here!
2010 was such a great year. I've accomplished so much and am proud of myself for putting myself out there to succeed that much more!
I've taken my knowledge of vegan living to the residents and brought them fabulous workshops. I've opened doors at Whole Foods for Fit n' Fabulous Life Workshops. I made friends with the Lucy and Nick from Sun Warrior, Terry Jo from Amazing Grass, the team at Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein, Barbara and Ken at Best Organic Wheatgrass, Kelly at Vega and so many more!! All have contributed to my Workshops and I couldn't be more thankful! I was blessed to have the courage to ask for their help and support... what a great honor it is to work with them and spread the word of vegan nutrition. Thank you!
 I took my Turbo Kick Certification to the gym's and taught. I've personally helped a great handful of people start and finish a 30 day Vegan Cleanse... this was huge for me because every time I can change someone's life/health for the better, then I know I've accomplished a huge part in my life. Being the example and the leader to teach other's the importance of living a Vegan lifestyle is my passion. When people come to me for help and for one-on-one Coaching, I take it very seriously, and the process is always a success for both the client and myself :)
I've become stronger as a person. I've lost friends but gained more. It turns out, some weren't meant to be in my life. The one's that are meant to be in my life, I have become closer with and have built a friendship that will last a lifetime... and for this, I'm thankful!
This year was my first year Homeschooling my sweet Keira :) Kindergarten is fun! She taught me how to have patience, and I've taught her... well... every kindergarten subject!! Ha ha ;) Social Studies, History, Math, Language Arts, Phonics and the importance of a healthy body and pure heart. We're a great team!
With each year that passes, I become that much closer to my husband, my best friend! He means the world to me, I thank God for him!
One of my closest friends, Kristen Suzanne (of Kristen's Raw) has helped me tremendously! From learning more and more about Raw Foods, to how to structure a workshop. She has never let me down! Kristen introduced me to the Vegan Lifestyle over 3 years ago! After learning a few things about the cruel world of animal abuse and the horrific facts of slaughter homes, I went vegan overnight. I'm a better person and a know so much more because of her friendship and her passion to teach others. I love you Kristen!!
I trained for a Figure Show at the beginning of the year but couldn't accomplish what I needed to accomplish due to the diagnose of Hypothyroidism. I'm thankful for vegan thyroid supplements, I know a turn around is near :)

So what's in it for 2011? Let me tell ya!!

2011 holds some pretty big goals, ones that I know can be accomplished with persistent focus, a constant memory of my vision board and a positive attitude!! I plan to run a 5k (my very first running experience ever because I am a horrible runner! Lol), I'm going 100% Raw/Vegan (it's my love to be vegan, therefore I am, but I have a great passion for living Raw and am ready to give it my all!), I want to be more spiritual, not just in the sense of reading the bible and attending church, but being aware of the life that is around me. Knowing that so much more was created for us to enjoy. I want to understand life and live! How will I obtain this? I have no clue, but I will take it one day at a time and will continue to learn and be more open to listen :) I will compete in a Bikini Show as a Raw/Vegan! HOORAY! I will continue to lead by example and stand strong to my beliefs.

Let the new year bring in many blessings!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

We're on day 3 of the challenge and I am feeling an increase of energy! I love it!! My tummy is even flatter! Woo Hoo!! I can't wait to see what day 14 brings me!!

Ok!!! So I have to share this recipe with you that I made this morning for myself and the whole family, it's sooo good!!

Breakfast Smoothie:

Amazing Meal ~ Pomegranate Mango Infusion
Frozen Fruit: Pineapple, Mango and Strawberries
2 packets stevia
1 Banana
Unsweetened Almond Milk

Oooh la la!! The entire family was pleased!! My 5 and 3 year old even asked for seconds... COMING UP!!! :)

My husband went to work with a skip in his step, literally! ;)

And I'm sitting here freezing my toosh off because it's getting cold and smoothies always contribute to below freezing temperatures. ha ha ha... ok! it's 60-something degrees outside in sunny Az, but for me, that's COLD!!!! Lol

Please share with me your favorite Amazing Meal recipes!!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Amazing Grass has put together such a FUN and extremely simple two week challenge. I have to say, this doesn't feel like a challenge at all!
Today the girls and I had chocolate smoothies for lunch. I felt as if I was indulging in dessert at noon!!

Here is the Girls' Chocolate Smoothie Recipe:

1 Cup Ice
2 Cups Coconut Milk
2 Single Serving Packets Kidz SuperFood Outrageous Chocolate Flavor
1 Banana
1 Tbl Almond Butter

The girls were LOVING it!!!! and of course, asked for more ;) Why not!!

My smoothie was similar:
1 Cup Ice
2 Cups Water
1 Serving Amazing Meal Chocolate Infusion
1 Tbl Raw Organic Almond Butter
1 Banana

Please share your recipes from the Two Week Challenge :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Two Week Challenge

Click to Order!

What is the Two Week Challenge

The Amazing Grass Two Week Challenge is an online health program that will guide you to Amazing Energy and Amazing Health. You will receive 14 daily email lessons focusing on energizing, maintaining and healing your body with raw and organic plant based foods.

What will it do for me?

Whether you are constantly feeling fatigued, missing the glow to your skin or just looking to lose a few pounds, the Two Week Challenge will revitalize your cells… allowing you to look and feel Amazing!

What is Amazing Meal?

Amazing Meal is a blend of raw and certified organic proteins, green, fruits and vegetables. This nutritional powerhouse delivers the same amount of protein as three egg whites and the antioxidant equivalent of four servings of fruits and vegetables.
Amazing Meal will be consumed daily in the Two Week Challenge. Available in four great flavors (Chocolate, Pomegranate Mango, Vanilla Chai and Original).

Getting Started is as Easy as 1,2,3!

1.Purchase a bottle of Amazing Meal. This will be part of your daily menu
2.Sign up HERE!
You will receive 14 daily email keys to unleashing endless energy and a healthier new you
3.Be Inspired! Follow the 14 daily lessons. Observe how involving Amazing Meal and other foods transform the way you look and feel

Our Goal is that after 14 days, you will have the KEYS to unlock the smarter, energetic more natural and healthy you.
The sequence of lessons should be the catalyst to understanding foods and how they work to energize, maintain, sustain and even heal your body.

The 14 Keys
(1 Key per Email Lesson)
1.     14 Days to Change
2.    * Natural, Raw and Organic: Truly defined
3.    * Enzymes and your Digestive System
4.    * The Acid Alkaline Balance
5.    * Daily Cleansing
6.    * Weight loss from the Inside Out
7.    *Nutrition Density vs. Calorie Totals
8.    *The Energy Categories Of Foods and Beverages
9.    *The Carbohydrate Dilemma
10 *Superfoods and The Amazing Meal
11* How Diet Affects Stress Levels
12*The Good, Bad and The Ugly
13*A Custom 14 Day Menu For Daily Energy
14*What To Eat For Your Workout Regimen

Sample Daily Menu

Breakfast: Amazing Meal Smoothie
Snack: Rice Crackers and Hummus
Lunch: Wrap and Yogurt
Snack: Green Superfood Energy Bar and Coconut Water
Dinner: Asian Salad and Quinoa
Evening Treat: Dark Chocolate or Fruit

Two Week Challenge start date: November 9th
Two Week Challenge end date: November 23rd

All that are committed to this Challenge, leave a comment on this blog post!! There will be a HUGE give-a-way to kick off this Challenge!! 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

FIT Food Lite Vegan is a delicious functional food powder that is free of soy, dairy, and gluten. The formula contains 40% less sugar than fitfood Rice and is not fructose sweetened. its 17 grams of protein per serving are derived from XYMOGEN's proprietary VegaPro, a rice/pea protein blend with several additional amino acids that further enhance and maintain lean body mass. Among the ingredients in the heart-healthy proprietary fiber blend is a prebiotic for gastrointestinal support.

* Healthy Body Composition
* Immune Health
* Cardiovascular Health
* Healthy Blood Insulin/Glucose Levels
* Gastrointestinal Health
* Provides Foundation Macro-Nutrition

The non-GMO, highly digestible pea protein isolate is naturally obtained by simple water extraction, keeping all the nutritional qualities intact. Its 90% protein content features a well-balanced amino acid profile, including a high content lysine, arginine, and branched-chain amino acids. Lysine is of particular interest in weight control because it helps maintain lean body mass. Arginine is essential to weight control for its ability to help increase muscle mass and reduce body fat. Pea protein has the highest lysine concentration (7.2%) of all vegetable-based proteins and the highest arginine concentration (8.7%) among all commercially available proteins. The combination of pea protein and rice protein achieves an Amino Score of 100%.

I'm in-love this this product!!! It tastes great, it's made with high quality ingredients, and of course, it's 100% Vegan and 100% Gluten-Free!!! HOORAYYY!! :)

This is a product that I offer to the clients I Coach. If you're interested in knowing more, or are wanting to order, email me at


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

As we age, it becomes easier to gain weight and harder to maintain muscle. Thus, our waistlines tends to fatten, our muscles weaken, and the physical tasks that once seemed trivial now seem tiring. The deterioration of mitochondria, the microscopic power plants within every cell responsible for converting food into biochemical fuel, has been implicated as a major cause. The loss of mitochondrial efficiency and number over time deprives us of living a longer, healthier life. It may come to no surprise, therefore, that mitochondrial biogenesis, the natural process in which your cells build new mitochondria, has been suggested hold the key to delay the deteriorations in appearance and performance, and even aging.

Representing a remarkable ~ 10% of body weight, mitochondria produce more than 95% of your body's energy. The more of these "fuel stations" our cells contain, the more calories you can burn, leaving less fat to contribute to diabetes or obesity, for instance. Mitochondria are produced via mitochondria biogenesis, the stimulation of which can help delay aging and maintain health as we age.

Mitochondrial biogenesis is a complicated process involving more than 1,000 genes and producing and estimated 20% of the cellular protein in the body. While caloric restriction and exercise potently activate molecular "switches" controlling mitochondrial biogenesis, a simpler solution comes in the form of the Mitochondrial Renewal Kit containing neutraceuticals shown to activate the very same switches.

XYMOGEN Mitochondrial Renewal Kit: "Three Degrees" of Restoration

1st Degree: Nitric Oxide (NO) is to your heart and blood vessels what your favorite couch is to your legs and feet. NO takes a load off of your heart and blood vessels by relaxing the latter (known as vasodilation), thereby easing the strain placed on the former (blood flows more easily, so your heart doesn't need to pump as hard). Among sundry other roles, NO directly activates the "master regulator" of mitochondrial biogenesis and function and metabolic fitness known as PGC-1a.

2nd Degree: Found in red wine and studied by respected research organizations including Salk Institute, resveratrol is one of the most promising anti-aging nutraceuticals to date. Labeled as an "exercise mimetic", resveratrol activates SIRT1, a molecular "switch" that governs the activation of PGC-1a. Exercise also activates this pathway; hence the aforementioned label.

3rd Degree: a-lipoic acid (ALA) is considered a "king" among antioxidants. Capable of fending off damaging free radicals in a variety of cellular environments, ALA also protects the levels of other antioxidants such as vitamins E and C. In addition, ALA stimulates a molecular switch known as AMPK in the body (which in turns activates PGC-1a), while inhibiting another version of AMPK located in the brain. The end result is to increase mitochondrial biogenesis (via body AMPK) while enhancing appetite control and weight management (brain AMPK).

Benefits of XYMOGEN Mitochondrial Renewal Kit:
* Increased mitochondrial biogenesis
* Increased metabolic (calorie-burning) rate
* Improved insulin sensitivity and action
* Improved glucose disposal
* Increased Nitric Oxide (NO) production
* Improved cardiovascular and endothelial (blood vessel) function
* Improve appetite control
* Reduced fat mass
* Increased muscle mass
* Improved exercise tolerance and performance
* Improved antioxidant status and resistance to oxidative stress

A month supply is $150. This is NOT a vitamin replacement. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Tomorrow is the day!!! I am sooo excited!!!!! My very first juicing workshop on my own!!!! I can't believe it!! It's going to be PERFECT!!! I just know it!!!

I have put a lot of time and effort into making this workshop everything that I have imagined and wanted it to be.

I will be sharing two green juice recipes, two green smoothie recipes and some shots of fresh organic wheatgrass!! YUMMM!!!

Also! I have provided a packet of information for every guest regarding juicing and the health benefits of it.

There are gift bags full of wonderful goodies for every participant and an overall workshop prize for the lucky name a pull from the jar! FUNNN!!!

The workshop is at 11am and I couldn't be any more ready! I gulped a shot of wheatgrass about an hour or so ago and am feeling like I can stay up for a couple more hours... but it's past midnight and I gotta get some rest!

I will be sure to post pics of the workshop as soon as I can!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

For all of you that know me, you know that my biggest passion in life is helping others succeed in weight loss and a life long commitment to health. I wake up every morning ready to meet someone new, and make a new friend. Today I want to share with all of you a friend that I have met a year and a half ago. A friend who has stayed dedicated to her health and her weight loss journey. This friend has had her trials, has felt her doubt, has felt the success of weight loss and has experienced the headache of gaining all her hard work back... but in all this, she has remained committed to the journey of everlasting weight loss success and has never given up on her weight loss goals!!! I am so very proud of her and want to welcome her as a brand new Team Beachbody Coach!!!!! She has gone the distance and is now wanting to give back. I love you Tabitha!!! You truly amaze me!!!!

A little bit about Tabitha's journey (in her words):

"Hi! My name is Tabitha Kniesch and I am a Beachbody Coach! I started my BeachBody journey back in 2007 and have loved every minute of it!

Let's see. For starters I have always been active and fit and never had to worry about my weight. In high school I was always involved in sports and was just fit from a result of that love for activity. Well as luck would have it I ended up gaining A TON of weight after I got married back in 2004. I went on birth control and just went kinda crazy with eating out all the time because i was a newlywed and that's what we did. I reached an all time high of 252.8lbs in January of 2007.

February 2nd was my first day to my life long commitment to being healthy.&
I started out by just running. I'm not a runner but I was desperate for drastic results so I went to drastic measures. I exercised 2 hours a day (using Turbo Jam only) and ate a measly 500 calories a day just to stay alive. NOT A GOOD PLAN! However, I did reach 180lbs and then found out I was pregnant (October 2008) with my daughter! How exciting! Of course this was wonderful yet HORRIBLE news. This meant that I literally lost control. I ended up gaining every single pound back that I had lost. haha. karma. :-)
So then in February of 2009 I decided it was time to get serious and lose the baby weight. So once again I went back to 2 hours of exercise a day but this time I only cut my calories back to 1500 calories a day and lost the remaining baby weight in only 3 months! It was amazing. I hit 180lbs and I was ecstatic! Then I found out I was pregnant yet again! (what is it with this magic number 180???)
This time I was much healthier and exercised throughout my entire pregnancy and ate all the necessary foods. Somehow I managed to get to 242lbs with my son on delivery day. :( So here I am with a 6 month old son that is so wonderful and healthy and strong and a 2 year old daughter that keeps me on the go and I am 207lbs! I have been healthy about it averaging only a few pounds a month but this time it will stay off!
I have done so many videos and I love them all! I have so much variety in my exercise life and I love it! I started out with Turbo Jam, moved on to Turbo Kick, challenged myself to ChaLean Extreme and pushed myself to the limit with Turbo Fire. (do you notice a trend? I'm a big Chalene Johnson fan!) My newest ventures are Insanity, the newest rounds of Turbo Kick and P90X. I am also trying out Shakeology and so far I love it!
By the way, on top of all my weight loss success I have set some personal records for myself. I have run a 5k with two kids (one stroller..figure that one out. lol) and a 10k (again with two kids and it was VERY complicated and VERY successful!). I have 2 more 10ks coming up this month and so many more in the future. :-) And I only run them! Go me!"
Tabitha's Beachbody Site: CLICK HERE!!

Congratulations Tabitha!!! You're such an inspiration to so many!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010


So the idea of Eating for your Blood Type totally didn't STICK with me! I just couldn't imagine not eating cucumbers, honeydew, cantaloupe, AVOCADO!!!!! Oranges, alfalfa sprouts, spirulina... just to name a few. Sounds ridiculous, right! I understand that if cauliflower and mustard greens interfere with the thyroid, then I will stay away from them for now while I'm trying to correct my thyroid through the foods I eat... now THAT makes sense ;)

80-10-10 MAKES SENSE!!!!
From what I have been learning so far, this is the diet plan I have been waiting for!! I've already decided to go 100% Raw, but couldn't believe the information and studies behind the 80-10-10 plan... I am fired up!!!! I spent some time yesterday on youtube watching Freelee's videos and Durian's videos (creators of 30 Bananas a Day) and let me tell ya, they know their stuff! They are so knowledged about the 80-10-10 lifestyle and are living proof of the diet itself, the health benefits or it, the vibrancy of it and the everlasting supply of energy of it! It's exciting!!

Finding this approach is giving me much hope with weight loss, overall health, and possible thyroid improvement. I can't even express how excited I am!!

This morning I went grocery shopping, after doing my research and learning what I could yesterday (still have a lot to still learn), I have made the decision to go 80-10-10 100% starting today!! Why wait??? :) I feel ready in terms that I have juiced for a few days, went on a week and a half of straight green smoothies and have already been eating lots of fruits and veggies... so I say, LET'S DO THIS!!!!!

Barnes and Nobles didn't have The 80-10-10 book, by Dr. Douglas N. Graham this morning so soon enough I will get this book and read it. May just order it from Amazon today :) While I wait for the book, I will continue to search out forums on the topic, watch more vids and take notes. I'm so fired up!!

I will be posting today's food journal at the end of the evening!!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So my Mother In Law has been telling me about the book "Eating for your Blood Type" for months now. I found the subject interesting, but never enough so to go pick up the book and read it.
A few nights ago I was at Barnes and Nobles with my 5 year old. I grabbed a handful of juicing books and came across a few books labeled "eating for your blood type -A-" "Eating For Your Blood Type -B-" and so on... I'm an O-Negative Blood Type so I picked up the book for "O" blood types and started skimming through it.
Just recently I have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. This devastated me because for the past year I have been training (intensively) to meet my goal for competing in a figure/bikini show. My weight won't budge, I'm extremely tired all the time (even when consuming Raw Foods), my hair loss is massive, and I fight constipation religiously! It's as if I'm working out and eating as clean as possible JUST to maintain my weight... not to lose any, ya know!!
So as I'm reading this book... turns out, O blood types must avoid:
alfalfa sprouts (boo!) capers corn cucumber (boo!) leek mushrooms pickles (in brine) potato (purple, red, white, yellow) rhubarb spirulina (boo!) tara yucca (boo!) avocado (MAJOR BOO!) asian pear blackberry cantaloupe coconut milk honeydew kiwi orange tangerine ... and a few others
Cauliflower and mustard greens are the worse and is said to inhibit the thyroid function.
I noticed that the list doesn't include Cabbage, but I have been told that O blood types must stay away from it?? Which is a huge bummer because last year for my birthday I bought a fermenting pot just for my obsession with sauerkraut ;)
So what are your thoughts on this?? Do you all believe to eat by your blood type??? Looking at the list, I'm feeling a bit deprived ;) Lol!! But at the same time, maybe the way I have been eating is the exact reason why I have a thyroid issue?? I don't know?
One other note, in the book, it had said that O blood types do much better on a lean meat diet!!! Ummm... NO THANK YOU!! ;)
Your thoughts!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ok! So maybe I'm being a bit dramatic ;) But seriously, I am feeling so great with all the Green Smoothies that I have been consuming in the last 5 days, that I don't want to add cooked and processed foods into my diet right now. Not to mention, I put on a pair of jeans yesterday and another pair on today and they felt so good!! Not tight, no muffin topping... no rubber band to hold them closed!!! It's fantastic!!

My husband has been making some pretty cute remarks as well ;) he notices!! and when he notices, I can't help but feel like a beach babe bikini model... ha ha ha... ok! a little too far... but you know what I mean ;)

Tonight when I went to the grocery store, I bought more kale, collard greens, spinach and apples. I still have plenty of celery, parsley and frozen fruit (if I want some). I'm set for another few days :D

I don't see a weight change when I jump on the scale, but like I said, I DO notice a huge difference in my clothes, and that's more exciting than any number.

I'm reading Green for Life right now, I just love it! I'm learning so much about the PH levels in our bodies and why they are so important... This past week has just been so amazing!!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Turbo Kick!

I'm an instructor now for Turbo Kick... officially!!! My first class was this last Monday (August 2nd) at 5:30am!! I will teach every Monday and Wednesday morning, I'm so excited!!!

Had to share!! :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tomorrow (August 2nd) Kicks off the Turbo Hybrid Fitness~Challenge!! We'll be including Turbo Fire AND ChaLEAN Extreme!! It's going to be HOTT!!!

I've had many people ask me where they can find the calendar for the challenge... It's in the back of your Turbo Fire booklet that came with your Turbo Fire Program :)

I'm sooo looking forward to this challenge, as ChaLEAN Extreme is one of my all time favorite workout programs!! So let's do this!! and let's do this HOT!! ;) Turbo Fire HOT!!!

Here's a quick intro video I made for everyone involved in the fitness challenge:


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yesterday I went in for blood work to re-check my thyroid. Today I talked to my Dr. to go over the results... When I first went to my Dr., 3 months ago, my thyroid was at a 4.69. Today it is at a 4.36, it should be between 1.0 and 2.0. For the past 3 months, I was on a thyroid medication (1 Grain). My Dr. now wants to increase the dose to 1.5 Grains and then have my blood work re-tested in 4-6 weeks.
Symptoms: My hair is still coming out by the handfuls, my energy level comes and goes... but most importantly, I can't lose a single pound and have actually gained!!

I can say that with all the fruit and veggies I have been eating, my energy levels have been improving. I exercise a lot, and am always on the go... so there is improvement there :)

I want the weight to come off and I want to see the transformation I am looking for to prepare for upcoming goals of competing in a show. So this is the only drag with the whole thyroid thing... the weight part messes with me.

I want to fix my thyroid issue with the knowledge of sea vegetables and the proven facts behind it... I just don't know where to begin. It will be like an experiment and I feel that I don't have that much time from now till my planned show date to be sitting here "experimenting" with kelp and nori! Lol ;) But it's either experiment with a natural remedy or keep taking prescription drugs... that I will ALWAYS be on for the rest of my life!
My heart is saying "do the nori!" Because I know it works. My only fear is, trying to do this by myself for the next 4-6 weeks then have my blood work done again and find out there is NO difference in my results. THAT will be frustrating. Do I jump on the 1.5 Grain and ride it out for 4-6 weeks, have my blood work done then depending on the results, make a decision to do it by myself then? I don't know! I'm truly stuck on what to do here!

Anyone who has succeeded with overcoming a hypothyroid issue through sea vegetables, please share your testimony with me!! Any tips and advice I will take with much gratefulness!

Thank you!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yesterday at the community center's Breakfast and Brew event, I had a booth setup to talk to other's in the community about my upcoming workshops and new Turbo Kick class that will start next month. It was so much fun! I got to meet so many wonderful people who live in my neighborhood.
The breakfast and brew event brought in over 200 people... maybe even 300+.
I was able to talk to people one-on-one about vegan living, the importance of raw foods and the different types of vegan proteins. It was nice :)
Most everyone I talked to were interested in attending my workshops! The subjects are interesting and exciting and the community needs them.  The member's were for them and gave me nothing but positive feedback. So, looks like Fit N' Fabulous Workshops will be hitting the community center come August! As well as my Turbo Kick Classes!! YAY!!!

I have to say, it is funny to me to hear the comments people make about "vegan" foods. One mother wouldn't allow for her daughter to enjoy one of my Vegan Sprouted Bagels. She said, "oh you shouldn't have that, you wouldn't like that bagel, it's vegan!" WHAT!!!! I couldn't believe it! But you know, I guess it's like me saying... "no sweetie, you can't have that yogurt, it's made with dairy from an exhausted and hormone injected cow!" ... maybe! ;)
Something that is good for your body, inside and out, and is good for the environment.. not to mention, tastes Great gets looked down on because of the word "vegan." ha ha ha... it's too bad! But this is where I come in ;) To teach and educate the unknowing. It is my pleasure! :)

The months to come will be wonderful!! And I look forward to sharing the experience of it all with YOU!!


Friday, July 9, 2010

I've been working on health and wellness workshops for some time now. Brainstorming, gathering information and taking lots of notes! I want to teach health, wellness and fitness to so many. So to get started, I went to the man in charge of the community center I'm part of and asked his opinion on it. We sat down, I gave him a proposal and he loved it!
So here I am presenting to the community my FIT N' FABULOUS WORKSHOPS tomorrow morning!!!!! I couldn't be any more excited!! I'm very open minded to a lot of health and wellness approaches, with the exception of keeping them vegan! My goal is to teach other's the FACTS of being vegan. Where Vegan's get their protein, their calcium and why vegan's look so much healthier than the average american. There's a reason WHY!
My workshops include:
* Organic Living
* Vegan Lifestyle
* Raw Foods
* Gluten-Free Foods
* Sprouting
* Obesity (children and adult)
* Heart health
* Cholesterol
* Diabetes
and so much more!

I also provide 30 day cleanses! A Raw Cleanse, a Vegan Cleanse and a Juice Cleanse. :)

All of this is so exciting for me!! I can't wait to help other's with their weight loss and health needs! it's going to be amazing!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Manual Labor

Oh boy!! So where has Malynda been for the past week and a half? I've been working... And working HARD!! My husband and I are great at working as a team. So when he took on a 2300 sq ft Travertine Tile flooring job and asked for my help, I couldn't let him down. I have been working 12 hour days, no joke! Doing manual labor! Lol!
What started out as a days work of helping prep and mask cabinets off, became a morning to night full time job where I had to hire a full time babysitter (my wonderful little sister in law).
As much as it's easy to sit here and "complain" about the work I've been doing, I really can't complain that much. I have taken on a 100% RAW breakfast till dinner diet plan. I've been eating all RAW foods through out the day and when I get home, I make a cooked Vegan meal for myself and the family :)
My energy level has been peaking more and more each day! My body isn't sore, I keep up with Ryan all day long and I'm not "hungry." I eat every couple hours and keep going. Tomorrow will be my 11th day on the job and then I'm back to doing what I do best, helping other's get FIT and FABULOUS!! :) So cheers to a wonderful diet! I couldn't do all that I am doing if my diet were any different.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's been a week since I have started my cleanse. No gluten, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and of course, no dairy or animal products. Very clean eating. Eating vegan is second nature to me. I can do this and never feel deprived. Taking it a step further and eliminating things like gluten and sugar, I knew was going to be a challenge... but completely "doable". No caffeine??? Hmmm... Now we have a problem!! ;)
You're looking at a girl who indulges in caffeine as if it were going out of style, I'm THAT bad. But the cleanse had to be done and everything that was a vice, or a stinky habit to me, needed to be kicked to the curb. So even though eliminating caffeine "frightened" me, it was one addiction that had to be broken.
The first day of the cleanse wasn't bad at all, it was the third and fourth day of the cleanse where I started to get what they call "caffeine headaches." I wasn't very tired, just carried a constant throb in my head that was putting me on edge.
I met Robert Cheeke on Tuesday night and he shared with me packets of Vega Sport... the pre workout drink mix. He gave me a handful of these. I started drinking them on Thursday and have had one Vega Sport drink every morning since and have not struggled with a single headache!!! Not even a budge! I have just what packet offers: mental clarity, more energy, better sleep...
I haven't needed a caffeinated drink in days now and it feels so wonderful!!
My skin even looks clearer today!! :)
On top of eating so clean for the cleanse that I am doing, I am also eating very high Raw (some days 100% Raw). I've noticed yesterday and today that my tummy is flatter and my jeans fit more comfortably. Heck, and it's only been a week!! ha ha ha... 30 days of this will have me looking and feeling like a million bucks!! ;))
I'm keeping my protein sources to SunWarrior protein products and Manitoba Harvest Hemp protein powders and seeds. I drink a Vega Whole Food Optimizer daily as well for a meal and always add more protein (hemp). This way I can use the VWFO as my breakfast or mid morning snack and not lack on my protein intake. The protein helps keep me feeling "full" too. All I can say is, so far so good. I truly thought that the caffeine eliminating was going to be the hardest part of the cleanse, but in this first week I have managed pretty well by replacing it with the Vega Sport. I'm hooked!! I've traded one vice for another ;)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last night I had the opportunity to meetup with Robert Cheeke at GREEN in Tempe, Az. I spent 4 1/2 hours just listening to him. He is so motivational, his message is so powerful and what he's doing for so many is incredible. Robert is a self-published author, famous for his Vegan Bodybuilding. His book, Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness has changed my way of thinking as far as training for a Figure Show and doing it 100% Vegan. I was constantly told that a "vegan can't do it!" Robert's book is proof that if CAN be done!! Not only is he a healthy and strong vegan, but he is a BODYBUILDER!! Come on!! Who dares to say Vegan's can't do it! ;) With the help of his book and his influence, I have no doubt that I can compete as a Vegan... and now, my wonderful husband is Mass Building 100% Vegan because of the facts and testimony Robert has in his book :)
So last night was just great. Robert is everything I had imagined him to be, Kind, Smart, Honest... and just NICE! He was a real pleasure to be around. You can't help but sit there quiet and just listen to him. He is driven and his passion is contagious. It's remarkable.
Later in the evening, Kristen Suzanne of Kristen's Raw and her very smart husband came for the visit and the four of us just talked, laughed and shared ideas with one another. It was one of my favorite evenings with friends who are a great inspiration to me.
In all my training and my husband's Vegan Mass Building journey, I have to give Robert a BIG Thank You!

"Thank you Robert! Not only am I benefiting from your teachings, but my husband who is not a Vegan... is on his own will, wanting to mass build all Vegan... and I have YOU to thank for that!!"

Cheers to Robert Cheeke (Entrepreneur and Vegan Bodybuilder)

Monday, June 21, 2010

On Saturday, Nick "Raw Nature Boy" called me and we discussed some nutrition tips. He is always full of great information. I wrote down a few pages of notes and wanted to share some key notes. All this I  will be incorporating into my new training diet. 

* Intake Protein - Every 3 Hours 

* Good Fats to add each day - Flax, Coconut Oil and Hemp

* Post-Workout fuel is the most important meal! 

* Consume Water and Protein before bed

* No Wheat!! Wheat raises estrogen levels and I should just stay away from it all together... especially when trying to drop body fat and weight for my show. So NO WHEAT!

* Stick to Low Glycemic Fruits (berries, green apples and grapefruit) No Bananas!

* Eat Slow Burning Carbs (Kale, spinach, broccoli, salads and sprouts)

In conclusion:
** Good Fats IN
** Rev up Protein (small protein feedings every 3 hours)
** Fiber-filled salads (Green and Lean)

Every time I talk to Nick, my plan becomes more "clear". I understand what I'm doing and my confidence is exceeding. I have someone on my side through all of this! and not just anybody, a guy who has been doing this for over 40 years and KNOWS what the heck he's talking about. Yayy me!! :) Nick "Raw Nature Boy" is my personal Coach!! I'm one lucky girl!!

So now that I have my tips from Nick, I'm positively moving forward. My diet needs to be cleaned up,  for optimal health and for my training. Nick has advised me to remove wheat from my diet, I will also be removing gluten, sugar, alcohol and caffeine. Caffeine will be my challenge. I'm known for consuming energy drinks and occasional coffee's and tea's. So this will definitely be where I will struggle the most, but once I get over the initial "start" of the cleanse, I know my body will adjust and will feel happier without all that crud! I'll gain more energy (is that possible? ha ha...), sleep better at night, have glowing and healthy skin and my entire inside and outside appearance will just be amazing!! There's no doubt about it!!

If you're interested in doing a Vegan Cleanse to gain the benefits of weight loss, more energy, improved sleep and so much more greatness, then visit Karma Chow and sign up for the 30 Day Vegan Cleanse. Melissa Costello (Vegan Chef for Tony Horton of P90X) will be your personal Coach for the entire 30 days!! 


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I didn't get to talk to Nick (Raw Nature Boy) and Lucy (SunGoddess) this past Monday like I had planned. I'm using my notes from our conversation from the previous week to train. On Saturday, I fasted till dinner and then had a Sunwarrior protein shake. On Sunday, I had only Sunwarrior protein shakes and for dinner I had a Vega Whole Food Optimizer smoothie... LARGE size ;) It was super delish!
I haven't been eating 100% Raw, due to lack of food supply in the house.. ha ha ha... This girl has got to get to the store for some fresh GREENS and colorful produce! My body is craving it!! So here is my food journal for the past two days:

1/2 Apple with 1T Raw Almond Butter
Post Workout:
1/2 Apple with 2T Raw Almond Butter and 2T Hemp Seeds
Meal #1
Raw Almond Butter on 2 Slices Ezekiel Bread
1 Cup Strawberries
Meal #2
Bowl of organic Tempeh and an organic Wheat Tortilla
1/2 Cup Raw Almonds
2T Goji berries
Meal #3
2T Goji Berries with a Vanilla Sunwarrior Protein Shake

I don't know what my deal was today, but from the very beginning of my day all I wanted was Raw Almond Butter!!! Seriously!! My body was craving it!! So you know what, I gave it what it wanted and I felt great all day! No worries!! ;)

I burnt 320 cals doing cardio this morning.
Total Calories in: 1,909
Minus Cals Burnt at gym: -320
Goal Intake: 2,000
Difference: 1,589
Plus I burnt cals all through out the day with just daily activities. So even with all the FAT I consumed ;) he he... my cals were where I wanted them to be ad I feel good! I wonder if Nick would approve? Lol ;)

No Workout
Meal #1
1/2 Vegan Sprouted Bagel with Tofutti Cream Cheeze
1/2 Cup Raw Almonds and 2T Goji Berries
Meal #2
1/2 Vegan Sprouted Bagel with Tofutti Cream Cheeze
1/2 Cup Raw Almonds and 2T Goji Berries
Meal #3
2 Scoops Chocolate Sunwarrior Protein Shake with added Ormus Supergreens

Calorie intake: 1,330
Goal intake: 1,500
Difference: 170

1 Scoop Sunwarrior Protein Shake
Post Workout
2 Scoops Sunwarrior Protein Shake with added Ormus Supergreens
Meal #1
2 Slices Ezekiel Toast with Tofutti Cream Cheeze
Guava Goddess Kombucha Drink
Meal #2
Sunwarrior Protein shake
Meal #4
Brown Rice, Black Beans, Corn, Chopped Onion, tomato and spinach

I don't know how many calories are in Meal #4...

Goal Intake: 1250
Total calories without calculating Meal #4: 560
I'm guessing the bowl is around 500... or more? hhmmm... if the bowl was 500-550 calories, then my approximate total would be 1,060-1,110

Today's intake looks low, but I felt great all day. I'm loving the idea of adding the Sunwarrior protein drinks as snacks. They fill me up and give me comfort that I am getting some quality nutrients. I love it!! :)

My goal is to GROCERY SHOP!!! Ha ha ha... I need some RAW FOOD!!!!! ;) Also, I'm going over to a friends house on Friday to hang out and let the kids swim, so my plan for Friday is to bring some wonderful watermelon for everyone... and myself! Friday will be a Detox day of consuming nothing but watermelon :) I look forward to it, as I LOVE watermelon!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14, 2010

This morning is going to be very exciting!! At 10 am I will be talking to Nick "Raw Nature Boy" and Lucy "RawSungoddess" to go over my diet and workout plan in prep for my Figure Show. I'm always looking forward to speaking with Nick because he is so well educated in health and fitness. I can't go wrong with him on my side :)
I know that in my heart I want to do my training 100% Vegan and as High Raw as possible. If I can train the way I need to train and remain on a 100% Raw Diet, then let's do it! I've been prepping myself this past week with lots of Raw Foods. I've also fasted this weekend. I'm feeling pretty "clean" and ready to take on this new adventure.
I don't know what my training is going to be like yet, so this morning I went to the gym and did 15 minutes of high intensity interval training and then did 12 minutes of fast running on the treadmill. No weights.
I'm feeling tired as of now and just may go lay down for 30 minutes ;)

Today's Food intake will be shared later tonight, along with notes from the 3-way.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Figure Show Date!!

November 6, 2010 is my official show date! I printed out my enrollment form and have it up on my vision board! I also have Raw Foods printed all over my vision board and the word "VEGAN" written on it :) It's all there for me to see every single day! I am so excited!!

Let the FUN begin!! ;)

Yesterday morning I received the greatest opportunity to have a 3-way call with Lucy "Raw Sungoddess" and Nick "Raw Nature Boy" Co-Founder of Sunwarrrior Raw Vegan Proteins and Supplements. What I expected to be a quick 20-30 minute conversation turned into an hour and a half phenomenal chat with tons of teachings and an exciting added journey to my Vegan Figure Show Transformation!! I can't even explain the happiness and gratitude I have for what is to come. It's truly what I have been dreaming about sense committing to the plan of competing in a Figure Show.

Nick and Lucy opened their arms to be with love and friendship as soon as I answered their phone call yesterday morning. They were all about getting to know me, teaching me how to be successful in Raw Vegan Training and the importance of Superfoods. I wrote down 4 full pages of amazing notes! Nick knows Raw Vegan training more than anyone I have ever met. His knowledge and approach to this lifestyle is most inspiring. Before the phone conversation ended, Nick said to me "consider me your personal trainer." Oh WOW!! Really!!!! Nick, in my opinion... and I know in many others, is like the personal trainer only celebrities have access to! Well you know what! I feel like a Celebrity!!! I know that with Nick on my side, I will NOT fail! He's that great and he's that important to my training.
Nick told me, "become your own expert." Know your body. Listen to it. Our bodies talk to us, they tell us what nutrients we're lacking, if we need more rest time to recover, we gain allergies, and if there's a "bug" in our bodies. Getting sick is a great example of our bodies speaking to us. We get a runny nose, a cough, a headache, we become sore and tired and not to throw this one out there but diarrhea too is a way of our body speaking to us. Our body will start eliminating unwanted bacteria and viruses. When my little girl was a year old, she developed a parasite. We didn't have any pets and were really good about keeping things clean. But because her immune system was weak, it was so easy for her to wiper her hand on a floor that a pet had been and she picked up a parasite. How extreme, huh! So we took her in to our Homeopathic Chiropractor, put her on a 14 day Parasite Detox and she was herself again. A year later, she had developed a parasite AGAIN! Due to a weak immune system. So we took her into our Chiropractor and had her tested... found out she had food allergies to 5 foods and 2 to environmental allergies. Sad, right! We removed all the foods she had an allergy to, kept the bug guy out of our house from spraying and kept her out of the garage (she had an allergy to gasoline!). Our bodies speak to us. In different ways and in different forms, and sooner or later we recognize it.
I've learned so much in 90 minutes with Nick and Lucy than I have learned in a year of reading
material on vegan and raw nutrition :)
I will share more of my notes as I share my transformation story!

I set a goal with Nick and Lucy to be entered into a Figure Show by November 2010. It will be so much fun to share this experience with all of you!

As of right now, I am cleansing. Today till Sunday night and then Monday I will begin my "calorie manipulation" diet plan that Nick has introduced to me. My cleanse is a toss between all raw foods one day, juicing on another day... I will be switching things up. :)

My starting progress pics as of TODAY! (sorry for the picture quality, next time I'll have someone else take the pics!)
June 9, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I have not heard one complaint from Ryan since starting his Vegan Mass Building Diet. He has been enjoying eating all the prepared food I make him :) Last night after his workout, he shouted from down stairs "Hey babe! Would you mind making me a Sunwarrior Drink?" WOW!!! How cool is that!! Ryan went from drinking heavy whey drinks for weight gaining that had more than 600 calories per serving to requesting Raw Vegan Sunwarrior Drinks... I'm a happy Wifey :)

Yesterday Ryan was on his own to prepare a couple of his meals, he did surprisingly well. I was shocked! Lol ;)

So here is the last two days of Ryan's intake:

Vegan Mass Building Day 5
Meal #1
Triple Nut Bar
Sprouted Bagel
Almond Butter
1/2 Cup Cherries

Meal #2
Cliff Bar
Sprouted Bagel with almond butter
1 Peach

Meal #3
Cliff Bar
Sprouted Bagel with almond butter
1/2 Cup Cherries

Meal #4 (this was actually breakfast... so Meal #1)
Sprouted Bagel with Almond Butter
Bowl of Go Lean Cereal with Almond Milk

Meal #5
Cliff Bar
1 Peach
1 Cup Almonds

Meal #6
1/4 Sprouted Bagel with almond butter
Serving of Oatmeal with agave nectar and cinnamon

Protein 221
Carbs 456
Fat 184.5
Calories 4072.5

There were ALOT of bagels with almond butter ate today because Ryan had to travel quite a ways for work and had to pack some calories with him. So we packed him 3 bagels with almond butter, 2 peaches, 2 bags of cherries, cliff bars and almonds. Ryan was pretty burnt out of bagels at the end of the night! Lol.. I don't blame him. Hence the "1/4" bagel he had at meal #6. Ryan is doing SUPER! He as been 100% Vegan for 5 whole days now! This is GREAT!!!

Vegan Mass Building Day 4
Sprouted bagel with Almond Milk
Bowl of Cereal with Rice Milk

Meal #2
2 Vegan Chicken Patties
1/2 Cup Edamames
2 Ezekiel Toast with Almond Butter

Meal #3
4 Almond butter and Jelly Sandwiches on Ezekiel Bread

Meal #4
Cliff Bar

Meal #5
Cliff Bar
2 Vegan Chicken Patties
1/2 Cup Edamames
Sunwarrior (2 scoops)

Cliff Bar

Protein 264
Carbs 419
Fat 153.5
Calories 3850

Sunday, June 6, 2010

We have been 100% successful in keeping Ryan's meals Vegan. It has been a lot of fun preparing his meals and making them so that he gets enough protein and of course, that his calorie intake is above 4,000 calories (as of now). He tells me that is likes the meals and he never feels "deprived". Last night we went to the Diamond Backs Baseball Game with the girls and before we left the house Ryan ate a bowl of brown rice with tempeh, edamames, peas and corn with Vega EFA Oil drizzled over it. He also had a Sunwarrior Protein drink and then we were off to the game. At the game he wasn't hungry and didn't feel the need to snack. When we got in the truck I had a 2 cups of fresh strawberries for him 1 cup of almonds and a Sunwarrior Protein Drink. If you take the time to prepare your food ahead of time, then there is no room for failing on your diet. Stick with it and be consistent.

Here is Ryan's Vegan Mass Building Intake for Today:
Meal #1
Sprouted Bagel with Raw Almond Butter
Bowl of Go Lean Cereal with Rice Milk
Sun Warrior Protein Drink

Meal #2
Vega Meal Replacement Drink
2 Cups Strawberries
Cliff Bar

Meal #3
1 Tofurky sandwich on Ezekiel Bread
Sun Warrior Protein Drink
1 Cup Edamames

Meal #4
Cliff Bar
Sun Warrior Protein Drink
1 Cup Raw Almonds

Meal #5 (Ryan LOVES this meal! He loves the flavoring of everything in it... YAY!)
Bowl of Brown Rice with Asparagus, Tempeh and Vega EFA Oil
Sun Warrior Protein (2 Scoops)

Meal #6
Almond Butter Ezekiel Bread Sandwich
Sun Warrior Protein Drink (2 Scoops)

Water intake~ 1 Gallon (at least)

Calories 4,555.8
Fat 169.2
Carbs 513.3
Protein 310.6

16 minutes of max interval training on the elliptical
P90X Yoga X is on the schedule, but he's not ready for yoga ;) so together we will do Insanity this afternoon.

I have to be honest, the tempeh made me nervous. I wasn't sure if I was pushing Ryan with adding it sense he hasn't had it before. And sense the bowl was full of rice and veggies... I just wasn't sure what his reaction was going to be of it. But to my surprise, Ryan really liked it. He said to me "This is really good. I like this one Babe." :) NICE!!! Tempeh is so high in protein and all around super nutritious, so this is very good!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today has been so much easier for Ryan. I picked meals that weren't "as big" as yesterday's choices to kinda ease Ryan into this new routine. He is feeling much better and is able to keep up with the meals and not feel over stuffed. So here is what is on the menu for Ryan's second day of Vegan Mass Building...

Meal #1
Sprouted Bagel With Raw Almond Butter
Bowl of Go Lean Kashi Cereal
Rice Milk
Fruit Smoothie with Vega Infusion and Almond Milk

Meal #2
Vega Meal Replacement Drink with Almond Milk
2 Cups Strawberries
Cliff Bar

Meal #3
2 Large Bean and Onion Burritos
12 oz Organic Apple Juice

Meal #4
Sun Warrior Protein Drink
2 Cups Strawberries
1 Cup Raw Almonds

Meal #5
Bowl of Brown Rice, Peas, Corn, Edamames, Tempeh and Vega EFA Oil
Sun Warrior Protein Drink

Meal #6
Vega Smoothie with Almond Milk and Frozen Fruit
2 Almond Butter and Jam Sandwiches on Ezekiel Bread

Post Workout
Vega Sport with Almond Milk
Cliff Bar

Intake Totals:
Protein: 294.8
Carbs: 770.2
Fat: 199.5
Calories: 5802

Water Intake: 1 Gallon

Friday, June 4, 2010

Today went so good! Ryan is a natural at vegan eating! Ha ha ha... Our intentions were to do 8 small meals today (following the plan in Robert Cheeke's book) but so far have only consumed 5 meals. If Ryan can do it, then he'll complete 6... but I think that will be pushing him! Ha ha ha... Just wait till you see what he ate today, you're going to die! It's so funny to see it on paper, beacause it is REDICULOUS! Lol ;)

Let me say that consuming this much food in one day was not easy for Ryan. This boy loves to eat and wants to eat, but this is something else. Mass Building is no joke.

"Don't be afraid to eat big. If you want to get big you have to eat big." -Robert Cheeke Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness
So here it is, Ryan's first day of Vegan Mass Building

Meal #1
Large Bowl of Oatmeal (with agave nectar and cinnamon)
Sprouted Bagel (with raw almond butter)
Sun Warrior Protein Smoothie (with cacao nibs, unsweetened almond milk and one cup spinach)

Meal #2
2 Cliff Bars
Trail Mix Snack bag
1/2 cup raw almonds
Sun Warrior Protein (2 scoops in rice milk)

Meal #3
2 Tofurky Bagels (Sprouted bagels with Tofurky and Onion)
Sun Warrior Protein Drink (1 scoop in water)

Meal #4
Bowl of Strawberries
1/2 cup raw Almonds
Sun Warrior Prtoein Drink (1 scoop in rice milk)

Meal #5 (Ryan and I laugh at this meal! Who eats SIX corndogs?!? Ha ha ha...)
4 1/2 Vegan Corndogs (the meal was set for 6 corndogs but it was honestly so much food!) Lol
1 Cup Edamames

Meal #6 (This meal was on the agenda but Ryan was way too full from the corndogs to even think of consuming another meal... but I wanted to share with you what was planned)
Bowl of Brown Rice, peas, edamames, corn and tempeh
Sun Warrior Protein Drink

Protein 311.9
Carbs 553.6
Fat 176.5
Calories 4898

This was so much fun creating and planning out Ryan's next meal. Ryan enjoyed it too! We're moving forward with Vegan Mass Building Day Two!!!

For the past year, all Ryan has talked about is wanting to "gain weight." He's not a "small" guy, just very lean and toned. He wants to gain weight and add muscle to his frame. He has tried weight gainer protein drinks that have about 600 calories per serving (and tons of crappy whey!), he has made an effort to consume lots of protein in the form of white meat. He works out and still manages to either gain a pound or two or lose a pound or two. He gets so frustrated and it's sad. It's like me wanting to lose weight and no matter how well I ate and how hard I trained, there was no weight loss and it was wearing me down. It's the same for him in his want to gain weight and add mass.

So I am reading Robert Cheeke's new book, Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness. I've been sharing with Ryan some great information from the book and have been showing Ryan Robert's pics of him on stage competing as a Vegan Bodybuilder. Ryan was impressed. So I couldn't help myself and had to throw it out there, "Babe, I'll help you with preparing your meals, keeping track of your protein, calories, fat and carbs. I will take all the "work" out of meal planning for you. I'll let you know when you need to eat next and WHAT you need to eat next... Would that be good Babe? Would you like that?" Ryan was extatic! He said YES right away. So then I told him, "ok Babe, I'll help you 110%. I will make this as easy for you as I can. You focus on your weight training (P90X of course!) and leave the diet part to ME! "
I discussed with him that if I was going to be preparing all of his food, that I will not be boiling chicken, emptying egg's for their whites, opening up cans of stinky tuna... I will not be preparing animal proteins for him.... He continued to listen to me. Finally I said, I will be preparing for you 100% Vegan Meals and I will feed you as Robert Cheeke instructs in his new book. Ryan never hesitated and said "sure, let's do it!"
YIPPEEEEE!!!!!! My born hunter is going to give me a chance to lead him on a Vegan Bodybuilding adventure!! This is so exciting!! I'm documenting EVERYTHING and will be posting a lot of it here on my blog for all of you to read and support my Man :) He's gonna need the support, so please give it to him.
Today is Day One of his Vegan Mass Building. So far so good :) I will post tonight all what he has ate through out the day and what his comments are of his vegan diet. I'm so excited!!

If anyone is curious to know HOW a "vegan" can build muscle and bodybuild, then I highly recommend you head over to and purchase Robert Cheeke's new book, Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness. I have read it a few times now and am using all that I have learned to walk my husband through a Vegan Mass Building Diet :)

Tonight's post shall be interesting ;)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This morning I woke up at 4:40am to be at the gym by 5:15am. It felt so good waking up this morning after dreaming all night about the dreams and goals I had made to myself before bed last night. I have a burning desire to compete and own a Figure Competitor body which is 100% Vegan and all Natural.
This excites me enormously! I can't even put words around my excitement! :)
So this morning's plan was to go to the gym and do fat burning cardio for at least 60 minutes. Six weeks ago I did a VO2 Test which told be at what heart rate my body burns fat and what heart rate my body burns glucose. If I keep my heart rate between 124BPM and 156BPM then I am in my fat burning zone... anything over 160BPM I am then burning carbohydrates/glucose. My goal is to stay in the fat burning zone.
I got on the treadmill, watched my heart rate monitor until I was in a safe fat burning zone and then opened up my newest learning material, Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness by Robert Cheeke. Before I knew it, I had been on the treadmill for 90 minutes! Ha ha ha... times goes by so fast when you're focused on something besides the time. It felt wonderful!

So here it is, my day one to the rest of my future transformation is completed. Yay Me! ;)

Monday, May 31, 2010

... a little recap

In the past eight months I have been vegan, non-vegan, vegan, non-vegan due to training and trying to figure out what it is I have to do to gain the muscle that is required for show, to maintain the muscle and to eat to get and stay lean. Back in November 2009, I had started eating egg whites, tuna and other sea food as my protein sources. I also was drinking whey protein drinks between meals. I felt bloated constantly, cranky, unhappy for feeling that I HAD to eat animal proteins to obtain the physique I needed and through a couple months of training with this diet... I got NO WHERE!! I didn't lose any weight... I gained muscle but did not lose inches. I felt like I was depriving my body for tons of great nutrients from foods that I had indulged in prior to ending my vegan diet. I was so focused on counting my proteins, reducing my carbs and fats and keeping my calories extremely low, that I was losing site of what really mattered to me... and that was eating and living a vegan lifestyle.
I have made the choice to live cruelty free and train to join a Figure Show, so if I can't do this by leading a vegan diet, then I can't do it at all ;)

February 2010 I went back to my vegan diet. I stayed in the gym 5 days a week and kept pushing. My weight was being stubborn. I was 156 lbs in November, and 150-154 lbs in February. With all the training and clean eating I was doing, nothing seemed to get my weight down. It was quite frustrating.

6 weeks ago I went to a doctor and got some blood work done. Turns out I have Hypothyroidism. I am on thyroid medication for this now and am feeling good. I will have blood work done again in two weeks and we'll see how the prescription has affected my thyroid. As of today (May 31st) my weight is at 144 lbs. My goal weight is 130-135 lbs.

I haven't been in the gym in over a month but have been lifting weights to ChaLEAN Extreme here at the house. Tomorrow morning I will be hitting up the gym to do fat burning for about an hour or more :)
This means so much to me to be doing all of my training from my heart! As a Vegan! I'm so excited!