Friday, November 5, 2010

Two Week Challenge

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What is the Two Week Challenge

The Amazing Grass Two Week Challenge is an online health program that will guide you to Amazing Energy and Amazing Health. You will receive 14 daily email lessons focusing on energizing, maintaining and healing your body with raw and organic plant based foods.

What will it do for me?

Whether you are constantly feeling fatigued, missing the glow to your skin or just looking to lose a few pounds, the Two Week Challenge will revitalize your cells… allowing you to look and feel Amazing!

What is Amazing Meal?

Amazing Meal is a blend of raw and certified organic proteins, green, fruits and vegetables. This nutritional powerhouse delivers the same amount of protein as three egg whites and the antioxidant equivalent of four servings of fruits and vegetables.
Amazing Meal will be consumed daily in the Two Week Challenge. Available in four great flavors (Chocolate, Pomegranate Mango, Vanilla Chai and Original).

Getting Started is as Easy as 1,2,3!

1.Purchase a bottle of Amazing Meal. This will be part of your daily menu
2.Sign up HERE!
You will receive 14 daily email keys to unleashing endless energy and a healthier new you
3.Be Inspired! Follow the 14 daily lessons. Observe how involving Amazing Meal and other foods transform the way you look and feel

Our Goal is that after 14 days, you will have the KEYS to unlock the smarter, energetic more natural and healthy you.
The sequence of lessons should be the catalyst to understanding foods and how they work to energize, maintain, sustain and even heal your body.

The 14 Keys
(1 Key per Email Lesson)
1.     14 Days to Change
2.    * Natural, Raw and Organic: Truly defined
3.    * Enzymes and your Digestive System
4.    * The Acid Alkaline Balance
5.    * Daily Cleansing
6.    * Weight loss from the Inside Out
7.    *Nutrition Density vs. Calorie Totals
8.    *The Energy Categories Of Foods and Beverages
9.    *The Carbohydrate Dilemma
10 *Superfoods and The Amazing Meal
11* How Diet Affects Stress Levels
12*The Good, Bad and The Ugly
13*A Custom 14 Day Menu For Daily Energy
14*What To Eat For Your Workout Regimen

Sample Daily Menu

Breakfast: Amazing Meal Smoothie
Snack: Rice Crackers and Hummus
Lunch: Wrap and Yogurt
Snack: Green Superfood Energy Bar and Coconut Water
Dinner: Asian Salad and Quinoa
Evening Treat: Dark Chocolate or Fruit

Two Week Challenge start date: November 9th
Two Week Challenge end date: November 23rd

All that are committed to this Challenge, leave a comment on this blog post!! There will be a HUGE give-a-way to kick off this Challenge!! 


Anonymous said...

This sounds amazing! I am in!! Elizabeth

Jacob Sanders said...

Sounds pretty awesome! I'd give it a shot, but I don't have the money right now. :( Next time!

Anonymous said...

I can do it! Wheatgrass is the new chemotherapy in my body...I'll graze "amazing grass" like a cow. Off to wholefoods to get my daily fix.

Malynda Twitchell said...

Let's DO IT!!!!

BrittanysBlunders said...

This sounds like something I should try...

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