Friday, June 4, 2010

Today went so good! Ryan is a natural at vegan eating! Ha ha ha... Our intentions were to do 8 small meals today (following the plan in Robert Cheeke's book) but so far have only consumed 5 meals. If Ryan can do it, then he'll complete 6... but I think that will be pushing him! Ha ha ha... Just wait till you see what he ate today, you're going to die! It's so funny to see it on paper, beacause it is REDICULOUS! Lol ;)

Let me say that consuming this much food in one day was not easy for Ryan. This boy loves to eat and wants to eat, but this is something else. Mass Building is no joke.

"Don't be afraid to eat big. If you want to get big you have to eat big." -Robert Cheeke Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness
So here it is, Ryan's first day of Vegan Mass Building

Meal #1
Large Bowl of Oatmeal (with agave nectar and cinnamon)
Sprouted Bagel (with raw almond butter)
Sun Warrior Protein Smoothie (with cacao nibs, unsweetened almond milk and one cup spinach)

Meal #2
2 Cliff Bars
Trail Mix Snack bag
1/2 cup raw almonds
Sun Warrior Protein (2 scoops in rice milk)

Meal #3
2 Tofurky Bagels (Sprouted bagels with Tofurky and Onion)
Sun Warrior Protein Drink (1 scoop in water)

Meal #4
Bowl of Strawberries
1/2 cup raw Almonds
Sun Warrior Prtoein Drink (1 scoop in rice milk)

Meal #5 (Ryan and I laugh at this meal! Who eats SIX corndogs?!? Ha ha ha...)
4 1/2 Vegan Corndogs (the meal was set for 6 corndogs but it was honestly so much food!) Lol
1 Cup Edamames

Meal #6 (This meal was on the agenda but Ryan was way too full from the corndogs to even think of consuming another meal... but I wanted to share with you what was planned)
Bowl of Brown Rice, peas, edamames, corn and tempeh
Sun Warrior Protein Drink

Protein 311.9
Carbs 553.6
Fat 176.5
Calories 4898

This was so much fun creating and planning out Ryan's next meal. Ryan enjoyed it too! We're moving forward with Vegan Mass Building Day Two!!!