Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fit N' Fabulous Workshop Booth

Yesterday at the community center's Breakfast and Brew event, I had a booth setup to talk to other's in the community about my upcoming workshops and new Turbo Kick class that will start next month. It was so much fun! I got to meet so many wonderful people who live in my neighborhood.
The breakfast and brew event brought in over 200 people... maybe even 300+.
I was able to talk to people one-on-one about vegan living, the importance of raw foods and the different types of vegan proteins. It was nice :)
Most everyone I talked to were interested in attending my workshops! The subjects are interesting and exciting and the community needs them.  The member's were for them and gave me nothing but positive feedback. So, looks like Fit N' Fabulous Workshops will be hitting the community center come August! As well as my Turbo Kick Classes!! YAY!!!

I have to say, it is funny to me to hear the comments people make about "vegan" foods. One mother wouldn't allow for her daughter to enjoy one of my Vegan Sprouted Bagels. She said, "oh you shouldn't have that, you wouldn't like that bagel, it's vegan!" WHAT!!!! I couldn't believe it! But you know, I guess it's like me saying... "no sweetie, you can't have that yogurt, it's made with dairy from an exhausted and hormone injected cow!" ... maybe! ;)
Something that is good for your body, inside and out, and is good for the environment.. not to mention, tastes Great gets looked down on because of the word "vegan." ha ha ha... it's too bad! But this is where I come in ;) To teach and educate the unknowing. It is my pleasure! :)

The months to come will be wonderful!! And I look forward to sharing the experience of it all with YOU!!



TheFitnessFreak said...

That is so wonderful Malynda! That's kind of the angle I want to take too. The best part about teaching others is that it really motivates you to stick with it. Love it! So excited for you girl : )


Malynda Twitchell said...

Thanks Nicole! And you're so right! I stay motivated by knowing that what I am teaching is true to it's word and is backed by trusted sources. I live this lifestyle with great passion and receive such blessings when helping other's :)

Cheers!! :)

Kristen's Raw said...

Love you :)