Monday, May 31, 2010

... a little recap

In the past eight months I have been vegan, non-vegan, vegan, non-vegan due to training and trying to figure out what it is I have to do to gain the muscle that is required for show, to maintain the muscle and to eat to get and stay lean. Back in November 2009, I had started eating egg whites, tuna and other sea food as my protein sources. I also was drinking whey protein drinks between meals. I felt bloated constantly, cranky, unhappy for feeling that I HAD to eat animal proteins to obtain the physique I needed and through a couple months of training with this diet... I got NO WHERE!! I didn't lose any weight... I gained muscle but did not lose inches. I felt like I was depriving my body for tons of great nutrients from foods that I had indulged in prior to ending my vegan diet. I was so focused on counting my proteins, reducing my carbs and fats and keeping my calories extremely low, that I was losing site of what really mattered to me... and that was eating and living a vegan lifestyle.
I have made the choice to live cruelty free and train to join a Figure Show, so if I can't do this by leading a vegan diet, then I can't do it at all ;)

February 2010 I went back to my vegan diet. I stayed in the gym 5 days a week and kept pushing. My weight was being stubborn. I was 156 lbs in November, and 150-154 lbs in February. With all the training and clean eating I was doing, nothing seemed to get my weight down. It was quite frustrating.

6 weeks ago I went to a doctor and got some blood work done. Turns out I have Hypothyroidism. I am on thyroid medication for this now and am feeling good. I will have blood work done again in two weeks and we'll see how the prescription has affected my thyroid. As of today (May 31st) my weight is at 144 lbs. My goal weight is 130-135 lbs.

I haven't been in the gym in over a month but have been lifting weights to ChaLEAN Extreme here at the house. Tomorrow morning I will be hitting up the gym to do fat burning for about an hour or more :)
This means so much to me to be doing all of my training from my heart! As a Vegan! I'm so excited!