Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Meeting Robert Cheeke!

Last night I had the opportunity to meetup with Robert Cheeke at GREEN in Tempe, Az. I spent 4 1/2 hours just listening to him. He is so motivational, his message is so powerful and what he's doing for so many is incredible. Robert is a self-published author, famous for his Vegan Bodybuilding. His book, Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness has changed my way of thinking as far as training for a Figure Show and doing it 100% Vegan. I was constantly told that a "vegan can't do it!" Robert's book is proof that if CAN be done!! Not only is he a healthy and strong vegan, but he is a BODYBUILDER!! Come on!! Who dares to say Vegan's can't do it! ;) With the help of his book and his influence, I have no doubt that I can compete as a Vegan... and now, my wonderful husband is Mass Building 100% Vegan because of the facts and testimony Robert has in his book :)
So last night was just great. Robert is everything I had imagined him to be, Kind, Smart, Honest... and just NICE! He was a real pleasure to be around. You can't help but sit there quiet and just listen to him. He is driven and his passion is contagious. It's remarkable.
Later in the evening, Kristen Suzanne of Kristen's Raw and her very smart husband came for the visit and the four of us just talked, laughed and shared ideas with one another. It was one of my favorite evenings with friends who are a great inspiration to me.
In all my training and my husband's Vegan Mass Building journey, I have to give Robert a BIG Thank You!

"Thank you Robert! Not only am I benefiting from your teachings, but my husband who is not a Vegan... is on his own will, wanting to mass build all Vegan... and I have YOU to thank for that!!"

Cheers to Robert Cheeke (Entrepreneur and Vegan Bodybuilder)


Candi said...

Awesome!!! :)