Friday, December 31, 2010

Wow! 2010 is over and 2011 is here!
2010 was such a great year. I've accomplished so much and am proud of myself for putting myself out there to succeed that much more!
I've taken my knowledge of vegan living to the residents and brought them fabulous workshops. I've opened doors at Whole Foods for Fit n' Fabulous Life Workshops. I made friends with the Lucy and Nick from Sun Warrior, Terry Jo from Amazing Grass, the team at Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein, Barbara and Ken at Best Organic Wheatgrass, Kelly at Vega and so many more!! All have contributed to my Workshops and I couldn't be more thankful! I was blessed to have the courage to ask for their help and support... what a great honor it is to work with them and spread the word of vegan nutrition. Thank you!
 I took my Turbo Kick Certification to the gym's and taught. I've personally helped a great handful of people start and finish a 30 day Vegan Cleanse... this was huge for me because every time I can change someone's life/health for the better, then I know I've accomplished a huge part in my life. Being the example and the leader to teach other's the importance of living a Vegan lifestyle is my passion. When people come to me for help and for one-on-one Coaching, I take it very seriously, and the process is always a success for both the client and myself :)
I've become stronger as a person. I've lost friends but gained more. It turns out, some weren't meant to be in my life. The one's that are meant to be in my life, I have become closer with and have built a friendship that will last a lifetime... and for this, I'm thankful!
This year was my first year Homeschooling my sweet Keira :) Kindergarten is fun! She taught me how to have patience, and I've taught her... well... every kindergarten subject!! Ha ha ;) Social Studies, History, Math, Language Arts, Phonics and the importance of a healthy body and pure heart. We're a great team!
With each year that passes, I become that much closer to my husband, my best friend! He means the world to me, I thank God for him!
One of my closest friends, Kristen Suzanne (of Kristen's Raw) has helped me tremendously! From learning more and more about Raw Foods, to how to structure a workshop. She has never let me down! Kristen introduced me to the Vegan Lifestyle over 3 years ago! After learning a few things about the cruel world of animal abuse and the horrific facts of slaughter homes, I went vegan overnight. I'm a better person and a know so much more because of her friendship and her passion to teach others. I love you Kristen!!
I trained for a Figure Show at the beginning of the year but couldn't accomplish what I needed to accomplish due to the diagnose of Hypothyroidism. I'm thankful for vegan thyroid supplements, I know a turn around is near :)

So what's in it for 2011? Let me tell ya!!

2011 holds some pretty big goals, ones that I know can be accomplished with persistent focus, a constant memory of my vision board and a positive attitude!! I plan to run a 5k (my very first running experience ever because I am a horrible runner! Lol), I'm going 100% Raw/Vegan (it's my love to be vegan, therefore I am, but I have a great passion for living Raw and am ready to give it my all!), I want to be more spiritual, not just in the sense of reading the bible and attending church, but being aware of the life that is around me. Knowing that so much more was created for us to enjoy. I want to understand life and live! How will I obtain this? I have no clue, but I will take it one day at a time and will continue to learn and be more open to listen :) I will compete in a Bikini Show as a Raw/Vegan! HOORAY! I will continue to lead by example and stand strong to my beliefs.

Let the new year bring in many blessings!!