Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So my Mother In Law has been telling me about the book "Eating for your Blood Type" for months now. I found the subject interesting, but never enough so to go pick up the book and read it.
A few nights ago I was at Barnes and Nobles with my 5 year old. I grabbed a handful of juicing books and came across a few books labeled "eating for your blood type -A-" "Eating For Your Blood Type -B-" and so on... I'm an O-Negative Blood Type so I picked up the book for "O" blood types and started skimming through it.
Just recently I have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. This devastated me because for the past year I have been training (intensively) to meet my goal for competing in a figure/bikini show. My weight won't budge, I'm extremely tired all the time (even when consuming Raw Foods), my hair loss is massive, and I fight constipation religiously! It's as if I'm working out and eating as clean as possible JUST to maintain my weight... not to lose any, ya know!!
So as I'm reading this book... turns out, O blood types must avoid:
alfalfa sprouts (boo!) capers corn cucumber (boo!) leek mushrooms pickles (in brine) potato (purple, red, white, yellow) rhubarb spirulina (boo!) tara yucca (boo!) avocado (MAJOR BOO!) asian pear blackberry cantaloupe coconut milk honeydew kiwi orange tangerine ... and a few others
Cauliflower and mustard greens are the worse and is said to inhibit the thyroid function.
I noticed that the list doesn't include Cabbage, but I have been told that O blood types must stay away from it?? Which is a huge bummer because last year for my birthday I bought a fermenting pot just for my obsession with sauerkraut ;)
So what are your thoughts on this?? Do you all believe to eat by your blood type??? Looking at the list, I'm feeling a bit deprived ;) Lol!! But at the same time, maybe the way I have been eating is the exact reason why I have a thyroid issue?? I don't know?
One other note, in the book, it had said that O blood types do much better on a lean meat diet!!! Ummm... NO THANK YOU!! ;)
Your thoughts!!


TheFitnessFreak said...

Malynda, I have been muddling through the "secret cure" world for 10 years. I will say that if my stress level is high, I'm screwed. I am obsessed with losing weight and working out and guess what? It's stressful! I want a break from this madness! It's kind of like when a woman is trying and trying to get pregnant and when she stops trying she has a baby. Well, I am determined to take a vacation to Italy and stop trying and see if it helps. Really. I'm serious! Wanna come? I guess we could let our hubby's come too ;D Italy will be my "baby" :o)

Malynda Twitchell said...

Let's do it Girl!!!!
Let's be Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love!!! LOL!!!!!!

I agree! enough is enough already!! just enjoy life! my hell, I'm always trying to figure things out and researching constantly on what's the "best" approach... but yes, it gets to be stressful and OLD!!!

Italy it is!!!


Kristen's Raw said...

I don't buy into it - I find it odd (disclaimer: I have not read it so my opinion might not mean much - lol). BUT... you can try it and see for yourself. :)

You should check out Amazon.com and read the reviews of people who've tried it. Some love it and some don't. Here is a link for some of the people who thought it was a bad book: http://www.amazon.com/Eat-Right-Your-Type-Individualized/product-reviews/039914255X/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_pop_hist_1?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=0&filterBy=addOneStar

But, as you'll see, a lot of people like the book (it's 4 stars). That however, could be because when anyone starts to restrict things in their diet, they start to lose weight... perhaps they attribute that to the success and fondness of the book? Dunno.

If you give it a go - keep up posted! :)

I have to admit, I have an addiction to trying new diets and diet books and diet products. I am a diet book junkie - lol!!! At least I used to be before I found vegan and raw. I've tamed that inner beast inside of me since that. And, now I go back and forth with different levels of raw for fun.

Malynda Twitchell said...

I totally agree with you Kristen!!!!
As I was reading the book, I was like "What!!!" "Oh wow!!" Pretty much everything that I eat now, is on the BAD list!! there's no way I'm giving up most of my Raw Goodies.. no way!!! ;)

I will find another approach that will satisfy my lifestyle!!

Thanks for all the information you gave me!!! you're awesome girl!!! Love you!!! :)