Saturday, September 25, 2010


Tomorrow is the day!!! I am sooo excited!!!!! My very first juicing workshop on my own!!!! I can't believe it!! It's going to be PERFECT!!! I just know it!!!

I have put a lot of time and effort into making this workshop everything that I have imagined and wanted it to be.

I will be sharing two green juice recipes, two green smoothie recipes and some shots of fresh organic wheatgrass!! YUMMM!!!

Also! I have provided a packet of information for every guest regarding juicing and the health benefits of it.

There are gift bags full of wonderful goodies for every participant and an overall workshop prize for the lucky name a pull from the jar! FUNNN!!!

The workshop is at 11am and I couldn't be any more ready! I gulped a shot of wheatgrass about an hour or so ago and am feeling like I can stay up for a couple more hours... but it's past midnight and I gotta get some rest!

I will be sure to post pics of the workshop as soon as I can!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

For all of you that know me, you know that my biggest passion in life is helping others succeed in weight loss and a life long commitment to health. I wake up every morning ready to meet someone new, and make a new friend. Today I want to share with all of you a friend that I have met a year and a half ago. A friend who has stayed dedicated to her health and her weight loss journey. This friend has had her trials, has felt her doubt, has felt the success of weight loss and has experienced the headache of gaining all her hard work back... but in all this, she has remained committed to the journey of everlasting weight loss success and has never given up on her weight loss goals!!! I am so very proud of her and want to welcome her as a brand new Team Beachbody Coach!!!!! She has gone the distance and is now wanting to give back. I love you Tabitha!!! You truly amaze me!!!!

A little bit about Tabitha's journey (in her words):

"Hi! My name is Tabitha Kniesch and I am a Beachbody Coach! I started my BeachBody journey back in 2007 and have loved every minute of it!

Let's see. For starters I have always been active and fit and never had to worry about my weight. In high school I was always involved in sports and was just fit from a result of that love for activity. Well as luck would have it I ended up gaining A TON of weight after I got married back in 2004. I went on birth control and just went kinda crazy with eating out all the time because i was a newlywed and that's what we did. I reached an all time high of 252.8lbs in January of 2007.

February 2nd was my first day to my life long commitment to being healthy.&
I started out by just running. I'm not a runner but I was desperate for drastic results so I went to drastic measures. I exercised 2 hours a day (using Turbo Jam only) and ate a measly 500 calories a day just to stay alive. NOT A GOOD PLAN! However, I did reach 180lbs and then found out I was pregnant (October 2008) with my daughter! How exciting! Of course this was wonderful yet HORRIBLE news. This meant that I literally lost control. I ended up gaining every single pound back that I had lost. haha. karma. :-)
So then in February of 2009 I decided it was time to get serious and lose the baby weight. So once again I went back to 2 hours of exercise a day but this time I only cut my calories back to 1500 calories a day and lost the remaining baby weight in only 3 months! It was amazing. I hit 180lbs and I was ecstatic! Then I found out I was pregnant yet again! (what is it with this magic number 180???)
This time I was much healthier and exercised throughout my entire pregnancy and ate all the necessary foods. Somehow I managed to get to 242lbs with my son on delivery day. :( So here I am with a 6 month old son that is so wonderful and healthy and strong and a 2 year old daughter that keeps me on the go and I am 207lbs! I have been healthy about it averaging only a few pounds a month but this time it will stay off!
I have done so many videos and I love them all! I have so much variety in my exercise life and I love it! I started out with Turbo Jam, moved on to Turbo Kick, challenged myself to ChaLean Extreme and pushed myself to the limit with Turbo Fire. (do you notice a trend? I'm a big Chalene Johnson fan!) My newest ventures are Insanity, the newest rounds of Turbo Kick and P90X. I am also trying out Shakeology and so far I love it!
By the way, on top of all my weight loss success I have set some personal records for myself. I have run a 5k with two kids (one stroller..figure that one out. lol) and a 10k (again with two kids and it was VERY complicated and VERY successful!). I have 2 more 10ks coming up this month and so many more in the future. :-) And I only run them! Go me!"
Tabitha's Beachbody Site: CLICK HERE!!

Congratulations Tabitha!!! You're such an inspiration to so many!!!