Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Daily Affirmation List:
I will Smile
I will Give Hugs.
I give Thanks for my Family and Friends.
I am a Goddess.
I will Choose to Juice 100%.
I will Recognize that My Body is My Soul's Temple.
I will take Deep Cleansing Breaths.
I will Honor Myself.
I will Clear the Clutter from my Mind.
I will Be Present.

Juicing has been a staple of my diet recently. Some days 100%, some days juice between meals. I feel my absolute best when I drink juice 100% of the day. I have energy, I feel light, I glow and I'm happier :) It's an all around Win-Win!
So it has been a goal of mine to juice 100% along with consecutive daily Bikram Yoga. My first week of Bikram I juiced about 50%-80% of my days and felt amazing. Sweating out toxins while replenishing my body with superior nutrients. Last week I didn't attend not ONE Bikram class, and on top of my daily juice, I ate lots of starchy foods. I felt bloated, tired and not much like myself. So! This week I am ready to take on my inspiring long-wanted goal... 7 Consecutive Days 100% Juice with 7 Consecutive Days Bikram Yoga! My mind is right, my heart is right and I'm ready!
Today (being Sunday), I am starting the cleanse. 100% juice. Tomorrow, I'll add the Bikram and kick off Day 1! :)
Follow this inspiring week of my motivating goal!! Leave comments of support and love!!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Inspired by Yoga

On November 6th 2011, I was invited to the spa by my BFF! She treated me to a massage (which was indeed highly needed and greatly appreciated!). Before my massage though, I took a yoga class there at the facility. It was the best yoga class I had ever experienced! I felt thankful for everything in my life, my kids, my husband, my BFF and even the borrowed mat that I had used during my yoga class! Ha ha ha... I was indeed feeling the gratitude running deep into my veins. I had this "high" all day long thereafter. My BFF and I had deep conversations that brought us closer together, I felt love from the inside out towards everything around me... it was the most amazing feeling. Not only was I happy, but I was also emotional and this carried on with me on the drive home from the spa and through out the rest of the week. The following day (after my lovely spa day), I took a Bikram Yoga class. My first class was good, but different than anything I have ever tried and in all honesty... overwhelming! The 90 minute class felt never ending! The stretching felt great, the sweat pouring from every spot on my body felt great, but my breathing was challenging. I went back to class the next day and in that 90 minute class, I felt great all around!! It was amazing! I went back every day that week and felt stronger and more beautiful with every 90 minute class I took! I took that Bikram Yoga class every day consecutively for that week and felt without a doubt in my heart that THIS was where I was supposed to be. I'm so intrigued with yoga. I feel as if I have been reborn. In this moment in my life, this is where I am supposed to be and this is what I am supposed to be doing. I feel as if I am finding my true self with yoga.
My mind has been so overwhelmed with chaotic thoughts and emotions for the past year (family issues, hurt and the loss of a great friendship)... I tried extreme workout programs and running to help ease my busy mind... it wasn't enough. I journaled to get the thoughts out of my mind and on to paper, but even with that, the mind never seemed to let up.
In the last month, I have dedicated myself to daily juicing. Some days being 100% juice and other days being 50% juice. I've made daily affirmations part of my morning regimen. I choose to only keep myself around positive thinking people. I give to the universe and in return have been given peace of heart. I'm learning to get it now! And I LOVE it!! I'm ready for all the new changes that have come into my life :) I will continue to dedicate myself to Bikram Yoga and Juicing. The changes have only been positive and I know will only keep getting better!! I love myself, who I am becoming and who I am. I'm grateful for the friends in my life.
Change is good!! Change is required to grow and become greater.
Cheers to a new beginning!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The menu is constantly changing! Which is great for anyone who is seeking out new plant~based dishes to share with the family or to enjoy all to yourself!

Cajun BeanBalls & Spaghetti

Potato & Kale Enchiladas with Roasted Chile Sauce

Power Quinoa with Cajun Portabellas

Oven~Baked Onion Rings

Cheezy Hemp Nacho Kale Chips (100% Raw)

*Dishes are made in big portions, may feed a family of 3-4 and all saves great in the fridge for amazing left-overs!

Delivery to Arizona only!

Email me if interested in Meal Delivery (orders must be placed on Friday before 10pm to make Monday delivery).