Friday, June 4, 2010

My Man... Is a MAN!!

For the past year, all Ryan has talked about is wanting to "gain weight." He's not a "small" guy, just very lean and toned. He wants to gain weight and add muscle to his frame. He has tried weight gainer protein drinks that have about 600 calories per serving (and tons of crappy whey!), he has made an effort to consume lots of protein in the form of white meat. He works out and still manages to either gain a pound or two or lose a pound or two. He gets so frustrated and it's sad. It's like me wanting to lose weight and no matter how well I ate and how hard I trained, there was no weight loss and it was wearing me down. It's the same for him in his want to gain weight and add mass.

So I am reading Robert Cheeke's new book, Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness. I've been sharing with Ryan some great information from the book and have been showing Ryan Robert's pics of him on stage competing as a Vegan Bodybuilder. Ryan was impressed. So I couldn't help myself and had to throw it out there, "Babe, I'll help you with preparing your meals, keeping track of your protein, calories, fat and carbs. I will take all the "work" out of meal planning for you. I'll let you know when you need to eat next and WHAT you need to eat next... Would that be good Babe? Would you like that?" Ryan was extatic! He said YES right away. So then I told him, "ok Babe, I'll help you 110%. I will make this as easy for you as I can. You focus on your weight training (P90X of course!) and leave the diet part to ME! "
I discussed with him that if I was going to be preparing all of his food, that I will not be boiling chicken, emptying egg's for their whites, opening up cans of stinky tuna... I will not be preparing animal proteins for him.... He continued to listen to me. Finally I said, I will be preparing for you 100% Vegan Meals and I will feed you as Robert Cheeke instructs in his new book. Ryan never hesitated and said "sure, let's do it!"
YIPPEEEEE!!!!!! My born hunter is going to give me a chance to lead him on a Vegan Bodybuilding adventure!! This is so exciting!! I'm documenting EVERYTHING and will be posting a lot of it here on my blog for all of you to read and support my Man :) He's gonna need the support, so please give it to him.
Today is Day One of his Vegan Mass Building. So far so good :) I will post tonight all what he has ate through out the day and what his comments are of his vegan diet. I'm so excited!!

If anyone is curious to know HOW a "vegan" can build muscle and bodybuild, then I highly recommend you head over to and purchase Robert Cheeke's new book, Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness. I have read it a few times now and am using all that I have learned to walk my husband through a Vegan Mass Building Diet :)

Tonight's post shall be interesting ;)


Malynda Twitchell said...

Feeding my family cruelty free foods means the world to me :)

KRiSTA said...

Hey Sweetie...SO Funny how nuch we have in Common...Robert is the same way not a big guy but very lean and very strong and toned...but he wants to gain weight but it is almost impossible for him....and he loves everything meaty and cheesy might be hard to convince him to go Vegan...I have been introducing Green Smoothies to him Daily making them a little bigger each day and he's goin with it...getting him to work out with like weights is hard, though he is very active and plays baseball 4x a week and plays football and basketball as well but no weight training...he said he feels silly lifting weights so i need to come up with something that makes him feel not so silly....when we get into our home things are going to be very different and a much more positive energy in our home that maybe just maybe he will see the liht I will not give up because it is my goal to be lean and strong and my honey dream to be big and strong!!!! Love YA!!!! HUGS!!!

Kristen's Raw said...

I can't wait to see how this goes! I'm following along like it's a great book!