Thursday, December 29, 2011

The holidays are officially over and the expectations for New Years Resolutions are upon us. What's your new years resolution this year? I have a few in mind, but will only commit to one at a time to remain aware, present and SAIN! Lol ;) I've just recently signed up for the 60-day Bikram Challenge at my bikram studio and to be completely honest with you, I'M SCARED!! Not of the yoga itself, but committing to being there every single day for sixty days straight!
Lately I have been struggling to wake up early. I go to bed late and wake up late. So this challenge will be a challenge in more ways than one; discipline, focus, mental prep, nutrition and hydration.
I'm new to bikram yoga but in just a short amount of time, have shown great improvements in my postures, I can't even imagine what will have developed in sixty consecutive days!! YAY!!

Ok! So there's my New Years Resolution... 60 Day Bikram Challenge. Now for the Food Journaling part... I don't want my diet to be where all my attention and focus is, I want my diet to be relaxed, well-nourished and balanced. Mindfully, I know what my body requires. I know what makes me feel tired, lethargic, moody... yet I also know what makes me feel up-beat, enthusiastic, light and on top of the world! I'm gonna take my diet one day at a time, one meal at a time... one craving at a time. I promise to share all that I consume in the next 60 days, it shall be interesting:)

Question! Anyone do a 60 Day Bikram Challenge? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts and personal experiences. What was your diet like while on the challenge?

Please share with me your NYR's :)