Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yesterday morning I received the greatest opportunity to have a 3-way call with Lucy "Raw Sungoddess" and Nick "Raw Nature Boy" Co-Founder of Sunwarrrior Raw Vegan Proteins and Supplements. What I expected to be a quick 20-30 minute conversation turned into an hour and a half phenomenal chat with tons of teachings and an exciting added journey to my Vegan Figure Show Transformation!! I can't even explain the happiness and gratitude I have for what is to come. It's truly what I have been dreaming about sense committing to the plan of competing in a Figure Show.

Nick and Lucy opened their arms to be with love and friendship as soon as I answered their phone call yesterday morning. They were all about getting to know me, teaching me how to be successful in Raw Vegan Training and the importance of Superfoods. I wrote down 4 full pages of amazing notes! Nick knows Raw Vegan training more than anyone I have ever met. His knowledge and approach to this lifestyle is most inspiring. Before the phone conversation ended, Nick said to me "consider me your personal trainer." Oh WOW!! Really!!!! Nick, in my opinion... and I know in many others, is like the personal trainer only celebrities have access to! Well you know what! I feel like a Celebrity!!! I know that with Nick on my side, I will NOT fail! He's that great and he's that important to my training.
Nick told me, "become your own expert." Know your body. Listen to it. Our bodies talk to us, they tell us what nutrients we're lacking, if we need more rest time to recover, we gain allergies, and if there's a "bug" in our bodies. Getting sick is a great example of our bodies speaking to us. We get a runny nose, a cough, a headache, we become sore and tired and not to throw this one out there but diarrhea too is a way of our body speaking to us. Our body will start eliminating unwanted bacteria and viruses. When my little girl was a year old, she developed a parasite. We didn't have any pets and were really good about keeping things clean. But because her immune system was weak, it was so easy for her to wiper her hand on a floor that a pet had been and she picked up a parasite. How extreme, huh! So we took her in to our Homeopathic Chiropractor, put her on a 14 day Parasite Detox and she was herself again. A year later, she had developed a parasite AGAIN! Due to a weak immune system. So we took her into our Chiropractor and had her tested... found out she had food allergies to 5 foods and 2 to environmental allergies. Sad, right! We removed all the foods she had an allergy to, kept the bug guy out of our house from spraying and kept her out of the garage (she had an allergy to gasoline!). Our bodies speak to us. In different ways and in different forms, and sooner or later we recognize it.
I've learned so much in 90 minutes with Nick and Lucy than I have learned in a year of reading
material on vegan and raw nutrition :)
I will share more of my notes as I share my transformation story!

I set a goal with Nick and Lucy to be entered into a Figure Show by November 2010. It will be so much fun to share this experience with all of you!

As of right now, I am cleansing. Today till Sunday night and then Monday I will begin my "calorie manipulation" diet plan that Nick has introduced to me. My cleanse is a toss between all raw foods one day, juicing on another day... I will be switching things up. :)

My starting progress pics as of TODAY! (sorry for the picture quality, next time I'll have someone else take the pics!)
June 9, 2010