Wednesday, November 3, 2010

FIT Food Lite Vegan is a delicious functional food powder that is free of soy, dairy, and gluten. The formula contains 40% less sugar than fitfood Rice and is not fructose sweetened. its 17 grams of protein per serving are derived from XYMOGEN's proprietary VegaPro, a rice/pea protein blend with several additional amino acids that further enhance and maintain lean body mass. Among the ingredients in the heart-healthy proprietary fiber blend is a prebiotic for gastrointestinal support.

* Healthy Body Composition
* Immune Health
* Cardiovascular Health
* Healthy Blood Insulin/Glucose Levels
* Gastrointestinal Health
* Provides Foundation Macro-Nutrition

The non-GMO, highly digestible pea protein isolate is naturally obtained by simple water extraction, keeping all the nutritional qualities intact. Its 90% protein content features a well-balanced amino acid profile, including a high content lysine, arginine, and branched-chain amino acids. Lysine is of particular interest in weight control because it helps maintain lean body mass. Arginine is essential to weight control for its ability to help increase muscle mass and reduce body fat. Pea protein has the highest lysine concentration (7.2%) of all vegetable-based proteins and the highest arginine concentration (8.7%) among all commercially available proteins. The combination of pea protein and rice protein achieves an Amino Score of 100%.

I'm in-love this this product!!! It tastes great, it's made with high quality ingredients, and of course, it's 100% Vegan and 100% Gluten-Free!!! HOORAYYY!! :)

This is a product that I offer to the clients I Coach. If you're interested in knowing more, or are wanting to order, email me at