Sunday, June 6, 2010

We have been 100% successful in keeping Ryan's meals Vegan. It has been a lot of fun preparing his meals and making them so that he gets enough protein and of course, that his calorie intake is above 4,000 calories (as of now). He tells me that is likes the meals and he never feels "deprived". Last night we went to the Diamond Backs Baseball Game with the girls and before we left the house Ryan ate a bowl of brown rice with tempeh, edamames, peas and corn with Vega EFA Oil drizzled over it. He also had a Sunwarrior Protein drink and then we were off to the game. At the game he wasn't hungry and didn't feel the need to snack. When we got in the truck I had a 2 cups of fresh strawberries for him 1 cup of almonds and a Sunwarrior Protein Drink. If you take the time to prepare your food ahead of time, then there is no room for failing on your diet. Stick with it and be consistent.

Here is Ryan's Vegan Mass Building Intake for Today:
Meal #1
Sprouted Bagel with Raw Almond Butter
Bowl of Go Lean Cereal with Rice Milk
Sun Warrior Protein Drink

Meal #2
Vega Meal Replacement Drink
2 Cups Strawberries
Cliff Bar

Meal #3
1 Tofurky sandwich on Ezekiel Bread
Sun Warrior Protein Drink
1 Cup Edamames

Meal #4
Cliff Bar
Sun Warrior Protein Drink
1 Cup Raw Almonds

Meal #5 (Ryan LOVES this meal! He loves the flavoring of everything in it... YAY!)
Bowl of Brown Rice with Asparagus, Tempeh and Vega EFA Oil
Sun Warrior Protein (2 Scoops)

Meal #6
Almond Butter Ezekiel Bread Sandwich
Sun Warrior Protein Drink (2 Scoops)

Water intake~ 1 Gallon (at least)

Calories 4,555.8
Fat 169.2
Carbs 513.3
Protein 310.6

16 minutes of max interval training on the elliptical
P90X Yoga X is on the schedule, but he's not ready for yoga ;) so together we will do Insanity this afternoon.

I have to be honest, the tempeh made me nervous. I wasn't sure if I was pushing Ryan with adding it sense he hasn't had it before. And sense the bowl was full of rice and veggies... I just wasn't sure what his reaction was going to be of it. But to my surprise, Ryan really liked it. He said to me "This is really good. I like this one Babe." :) NICE!!! Tempeh is so high in protein and all around super nutritious, so this is very good!!


Kristen's Raw said...

I'm so excited about this! Go Ry!!!!!