Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's been a week since I have started my cleanse. No gluten, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and of course, no dairy or animal products. Very clean eating. Eating vegan is second nature to me. I can do this and never feel deprived. Taking it a step further and eliminating things like gluten and sugar, I knew was going to be a challenge... but completely "doable". No caffeine??? Hmmm... Now we have a problem!! ;)
You're looking at a girl who indulges in caffeine as if it were going out of style, I'm THAT bad. But the cleanse had to be done and everything that was a vice, or a stinky habit to me, needed to be kicked to the curb. So even though eliminating caffeine "frightened" me, it was one addiction that had to be broken.
The first day of the cleanse wasn't bad at all, it was the third and fourth day of the cleanse where I started to get what they call "caffeine headaches." I wasn't very tired, just carried a constant throb in my head that was putting me on edge.
I met Robert Cheeke on Tuesday night and he shared with me packets of Vega Sport... the pre workout drink mix. He gave me a handful of these. I started drinking them on Thursday and have had one Vega Sport drink every morning since and have not struggled with a single headache!!! Not even a budge! I have just what packet offers: mental clarity, more energy, better sleep...
I haven't needed a caffeinated drink in days now and it feels so wonderful!!
My skin even looks clearer today!! :)
On top of eating so clean for the cleanse that I am doing, I am also eating very high Raw (some days 100% Raw). I've noticed yesterday and today that my tummy is flatter and my jeans fit more comfortably. Heck, and it's only been a week!! ha ha ha... 30 days of this will have me looking and feeling like a million bucks!! ;))
I'm keeping my protein sources to SunWarrior protein products and Manitoba Harvest Hemp protein powders and seeds. I drink a Vega Whole Food Optimizer daily as well for a meal and always add more protein (hemp). This way I can use the VWFO as my breakfast or mid morning snack and not lack on my protein intake. The protein helps keep me feeling "full" too. All I can say is, so far so good. I truly thought that the caffeine eliminating was going to be the hardest part of the cleanse, but in this first week I have managed pretty well by replacing it with the Vega Sport. I'm hooked!! I've traded one vice for another ;)


Kristen's Raw said...

That's awesome! Whoo hoo!

billy_goat_brian said...

Sounds good and similar to what I do with the Vega and extra hemp protein and mostly raw, etc. Organic Food Bars (Active Greens) is really good as well.

Vega Sport actually does have caffeine in it. It contains Yerba Mate and Green Tea. I'm trying to figure out how much caffeine it has and that's how I found this post. From what I've found it seems to have around 100mg of caffeine so around the same as a cup of coffee.

Keep up the good work.