Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Daily Affirmation List:
I will Smile
I will Give Hugs.
I give Thanks for my Family and Friends.
I am a Goddess.
I will Choose to Juice 100%.
I will Recognize that My Body is My Soul's Temple.
I will take Deep Cleansing Breaths.
I will Honor Myself.
I will Clear the Clutter from my Mind.
I will Be Present.

Juicing has been a staple of my diet recently. Some days 100%, some days juice between meals. I feel my absolute best when I drink juice 100% of the day. I have energy, I feel light, I glow and I'm happier :) It's an all around Win-Win!
So it has been a goal of mine to juice 100% along with consecutive daily Bikram Yoga. My first week of Bikram I juiced about 50%-80% of my days and felt amazing. Sweating out toxins while replenishing my body with superior nutrients. Last week I didn't attend not ONE Bikram class, and on top of my daily juice, I ate lots of starchy foods. I felt bloated, tired and not much like myself. So! This week I am ready to take on my inspiring long-wanted goal... 7 Consecutive Days 100% Juice with 7 Consecutive Days Bikram Yoga! My mind is right, my heart is right and I'm ready!
Today (being Sunday), I am starting the cleanse. 100% juice. Tomorrow, I'll add the Bikram and kick off Day 1! :)
Follow this inspiring week of my motivating goal!! Leave comments of support and love!!



Kristen's Raw said...

Bravo!!! I'm going to make some fresh juice today as well!