Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Vision Board!!

Here it is!! My latest vision board!! Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE creating vision boards... they keep me committed to my goals, and the power of them are astounding!

Recently (like the past 3-4 weeks) I have been running around the neighborhood with my husband. The more frequently that I run, the more often that I WANT to run. I run 5-7 nights a week, and have been falling in love with this new activity. I look forward to my evening runs with my husband, what once was a painful thought (to run) has now become a thrill!

I never thought of myself as a "runner"... I love the weights and the in-home workout programs, running just came across as boring to me and I laughed at the idea of running... mostly because I couldn't run worth a damn, so I did allow for myself to get into it. But something has changed in me. One night of pushing myself through a run with my husband has turned into me desiring to get out, sneakers on, iTunes blasted to my favorite alternative songs and just... running! It's funny how we change and become something new practically over night. Maybe it was meant to be for me to run... I say, LET'S DO IT!!

Two days ago I created this vision board (picture above). I called my sister as soon as it was completed and said, "Mist! Grab a piece of paper and pen and save these two dates, October 16, 2011 and November 6, 2011!!" Without hesitation, she does exactly what I ask... once the dates are written down, I tell her, "WE'RE running a full marathon in October and a half marathon in November!!" She thought about it for, mmmmm... half a minute than said, "Ok! Let's do it!!"

I registered the next day (yesterday morning), and am so extremely pumped to be doing this!!!!!

I feel great about this goal.

Next mission: SHOES!!!!


Kristen's Raw said...

I can't wait for you to do this!